Awesome RaHa Rainwater Harvesting for Your Awesome Homes

#1900 210 Gal. Green Jumbo Rain Tank

You get a barrel/butt, a diverter and a filter to decorate your awesome garden/balcony with –– see how and why under nominating for RaHa Clean Close Water & Sanitation.

One of the many awesome water storage barrels/butts is a high capacity option for your above ground rainwater storage (in photo above). This modular wall tank can be connected together with available connection kit (diverter and filter), allowing you to store as much water needed for any home, business or municipal use.

With a slim shape, smooth surface fit and huge capacity of 795L., this vertical tank is a perfect addition to any landscape or home. Water storage is easy and compact as this tank is smaller than most refrigerators and has a great modern look.

There is a 3/4 inch brass thread for tap connection located on the front at a convenient height for filling watering cans or attaching a hose and on the sides at the bottom, to fit either a pump or connect to other tanks.

The tank has been designed for filling with available water filters. It comes with a wall bracket for stability.

There is a lot more…


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There are equally awesome taps.


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How about a rock in the garden?


#1350 Montana Black Granite Rain Water Tank 3


How About Pavers

These state of the art decentralized stormwater treatment and infiltration reduce the costs for urban drainage. The permeable paving stone offer a comprehensive range of environmentally responsible solutions.

After 30 years of intensive research and development in the field of ecological surface coverings, these pavers are now field-tested products available for almost every construction project.

They are a permeable paving system with groundwater protection, which are economic and offer the security of a general technical approval, are regenerable and have numerous variants for an appropriate, tailored appearance.


EcoSave Protect Pavers 3


GEOSTON protect is a no-fines concrete paving block, which enable infiltration of stormwater through its porous stone structure and the joints. The GEOSTON paving system is characterized by numerous variants and stone thicknesses from 8 to 12 cm. Typical areas for use are parking spaces and residential streets as well as surfacing for industrial and commercial areas.

DRAINSTON protect is a system made of densely jointed concrete paving blocks. The paving system combines environmentally relevant advantages with attractive product designs. This means that the traditionally shaped full bricks have a richly colored surface with natural stone graining and wear-resistant quartz crystals. Rainwater infiltrates through joints and recesses in the stone –– so-called infiltration channels –– which are embedded in two stone flanks. For the areas of highest traffic, DRAINSTON protect offers maximum planning and execution security. With stone thicknesses from 8 to 10 cm, DRAINSTON protect is designed for the highest traffic loads. Typical areas of use are parking spaces, residential and service roads as well as town and village squares which are used for traffic.

The hp-protect paving systems consist of densely jointed concrete paving blocks and a special jointing material. The paving stones consist of an impervious top layer and a porous base layer to store water beneath the surface. This water is available for evaporation. So the system combines the advantages of porous systems with the hardness of traditional paving systems. This design has proven itself many times in practice and is predestined for modern, design-orientated surface concepts, even those with large-sized stones. The hugely diverse range combines carefully processed visible surfaces in natural stone colours with high functionality. Water infiltrates through the joints which are at least 5 mm wide and cover 5 to 10% of the surface area.


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