Once a nomination has happened, the size of the rainwater harvesting system is determined based on the rainfall in the area. If the nomination is for toilets, approximate population will be established.

Members of benefiting community work with RaHa to level the area for the tank or toilet and smooth it to support the weight of the system. They also help with the manual labor to construct the tank.

Where nomination is for toilets, BUILDING TOILET is the main activity. Water projects entail:

ROOF PREPARATION — RaHa paints the corrugated metal roofs with a rust-resistant paint. This seals the roof and lets water to easily slide off. It also reduces places for dust and debris to gather between rainfalls.

GUTTERS AND DOWNSPOUTS — RaHa installs gutters with a gentle slope down to the downspout. They cover the gutters with a leaf screen to keep out leaves and twigs for consistent water flow. This cuts down on maintenance of the system. see more details

FIRST FLUSH DIVERTER — At the bottom of the downspout, RaHa installs a diverter from the tank. When it first starts raining, this diverter is open. It lets the dust from the roof be washed away. Then the diverter is closed so the precious clean water fills the tank. The first flush diverter is one more step in the design to reduce maintenance and provide the cleanest of water.

Grey Leaf Separator 2  Grey Leaf Separator 1








Alternatively, RaHa installs leaf separators and filters

For large roofs, there are larger filters


RaHa collects clean rainwater from gardens, heavy traffic roads, heavy traffic carparks, earth dams and the like

TANK AND TAP — RaHa uses only hygienic, long-lasting galvanized steel or zincalume steel tanks. These tanks have a life-span of over 60 years. Steel tanks withstand a wide range of temperatures, including fire. They can be transported in sections and assembled on site. They are superior to plastic’s 25-year life that suffers from UV decay. They are better than steel reinforced concrete that only has a 40-year lifespan.

Tank sizes range from 7,000 to 253,000 litres. Smaller tanks can be built in two days. Larger ones will take five days. Trusses span the top to keep the tank’s shape. They are covered with sheet metal with access for periodic cleaning.

A tap a small distance from the tank gives fresh, clean water to the village.

MEDIA – To honor supporters, RaHa will place a sign on the tank with their name or logo – free of charge to the supporter.

Additionally, photos of the named tank and stories about the community will be publicized to encourage others to nominate more communities or schools.

RaHa will submit different press releases to get the optimum publicity for the supporter’s charitable work. The stories will explain how the advertisers and news sources participated in bringing clean water to this community.

They will share information about the community or school that received RaHa clean pure water close to their community and what it means to them. The nominator will also be recognized for his or her part.

Some of the stories include ways people, businesses, or leaders nominate other communities, publicize the nomination or donate to support clean water, which is vital to healthy life and prosperity.

RaHa will promote the business by posting the picture and press release on the RaHa website.



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