There are two circumstances under which collection process in favor  nominee ends:

This means that an advertiser can be the only collector in favor of a nominee (when non of these rewards is chosen in favor of the nominee).




When the rewards are chosen, group of collectors that would spend the highest cummulative amount of money rules – if, at end of collecting in favor of a nominee, there are 2 who choose US$100 reward and 11 who choose US$10 reward, those who choose the US$10 reward collect. The 2 who choose US$100 reward are considered for subsequent nominee(s).

If groups spend same amounts of money, the group with the lowest number of collectors rules – if 1 collector chooses US$ 1500 reward, 15 collectors choose US$ 100 reward, 750 collectors choose US$ 2 reward,…; those who choose US$ 1500 reward collect. The remaining group are considered as collectors in favour of subsequent nominee(s).

This means that a chooser of US$2.00 reward may be the only collector in favour of a nominee, so that there be two sets of the collectibles, the one to be collected by the chooser of US$2.00 reward and one to be collected by an advertiser.

Groups can COLLECT RAHA SOLUTIONS. For instance, 750 students of a school may contribute US$2.00 each to (as a school) collect one set of the collectibles. Customers or clients may pay anything extra for them to (as customers or clients) collect one set of the collectibles. 1500 social media friends may contribute $1.00 each to (as social media friends) collect one set of the collectibles.

Aid agencies like Rotary clubs… would COLLECT RAHA SOLUTIONS in order to help more villages and schools with the funds they have. By collecting RAHA SOLUTIONS, the agencies spend much less than they would otherwise spend.

Irrespective of amounts spent, all collections are widely publicised. The publicising inspires members of public to nominate villages and schools for RaHa Clean Close Water.




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