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What if you could End Water Starvation by Advertising Free of Charge?

What if you could improve sanitation by advertising for free?


Well, you could.

Advertisers –– those who draw attention to their products, services, candidacy or events in public offline news medium – mark RaHa systems for free. For example, a system would look like one in photo below, if an advertiser called ‘THE CHISHOLM TRAIL HERITAGE MUSEUM’ agreed to mark it.




A sanitation project would also bear marking.




Although the marking is for free, it helps a lot. To account for received funds, RaHa publishes news articles about the beneficiaries –– this reduces costs of auditing, donors don’t have to travel to the beneficiaries to check what RaHa has done, instead they donate to RaHa what they would spend in traveling, read the news articles and wait to hear public reaction to the articles.

Main part of the publicity are photos of different built systems. Since your logo/name is not same as that of another advertiser, photo of a system you mark is not same as photo of a system marked by another advertiser. This difference makes the publicity a lot less monotonous.

In return for your marking, you get a collection of photos (at your reception or board room), which tell that you are main part of the exclusive rainwater harvesting (RaHa) community. The collection will also tell that you are part of community that improves sanitation conditions in villages and schools.


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The news articles are published in the same publication as your advertisements — and actually points people to your advertising! Each of the articles or press releases emphasises the good work you are doing by helping beneficiaries get the much-needed water or toilet –– recall that a beneficiary gets water or toilet when you agree to do the marking.

Cooperation of the publicity and your advertising produces a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. The cooperation spreads information about RaHa, encouraging more nominations while freeing funds that RaHa would otherwise spend on field officers and publicity. The freed money is equal to cost of major parts of the systems, so you donate substantially –– in some countries, a tax write-off –– without spending anything extra.

You may mention your support in small parts of your ads –– these are the same ads that you plan to publish in any 7 days (assuming that your name is CHISHOLM and subject beneficiary is called KUKU, you may mention that ‘Chisholm Supports Kuku’) – this is a right that you may refrain from applying or enforcing.


So, Hurry!






Others COLLECT RAHA SOLUTIONS (copies of your collecting) by topping up your in-kind donation in-cash.

You become the only collector of photo of a particular system (in a particular village or school) if you top-up your inkind donation with ANY amount of cash donation (from your CSR Department, from your cause-marketing exercise…).



It is Good for Business!

When you add just a sentence to your current advertisements, you can remarkably change the lives of many people for the better.

By supporting RaHa through your advertising, you free RaHa from spending money on field officers and publicity. RaHa can then spend more of their funds on RaHa Clean Close Water & Sanitation projects in communities and schools. Your advertising is as good as giving money to the water and sanitation project –– in some countries, a tax write-off –– but nothing extra comes out of your pocket!

Supporting RaHa lets your customers, friends, constituents, donors, investors –– whoever you advertise to –– get to like you, appreciate and respect you. It’s a cost-free way for you to join in a great cause in bringing clean, close water and sanitation to rural Kenyan and others around the world where women and children walk for hours to fetch water – often dirty and polluted.


creche before after


In one simple process you:

  • Increase viewership of your adverts;
  • Help a community get life-giving water that raises them out of poverty… and be more likely to buy things you advertise;
  • Gain the respect and loyalty of your readership as they see you giving in such a significant way;
  • Fulfil the UN mandate that calls upon people and organisations to help provide water resources and to recognise access to water as a basic human right;
  • Gain free publicity for 20 or more years as your name – or your company or organisation’s name or logo appears on the side of main parts of the Toilets or RaHa Clean Close Water systems

It is More Publicity!

Once your advert is running, members of your beneficiary countdown on your ads. They discuss with their friends and relatives on how you are helping them in getting Toilets or RaHa Clean, Close Water. They keep the ads for future references. The ads become dear to the villagers and their friends and relatives.

RaHa supports you by sending out press releases promoting your effort. News articles about collected and completed water systems appear in the same publication as your advertisements—and actually point people to your advertising! Each of the articles or press releases emphasises the good work you are doing by helping this village get the much-needed water.

more publicity

This gives readers a high opinion of you and adds to your credibility.

RaHa closely coordinates with you to ensure that the news articles and your ads complement each other.

RaHa also promotes your good works on their website, free of charge. Every time you collect, your logo or advert appears on their website. You extend the reach of your advertising to a world-wide audience.

The logo or advert and good works appear on the RaHa website under projects. When the project is finished, your logo or company name is posted on main part of RaHa Clean Close Water system for all who pass to see your contribution to the community. This posting is free of charge.

A representative of your business or organisation and the publication who has shared your adverts is invited to the official handover ceremony. Soon after the hand-over ceremony, a news article is published about the beneficiary. The article is headed: [Your Business name] Brought RaHa Clean Water Close to [community]

RaHa continues to honour you and inspire others by posting on success stories about your business and your efforts to bring life-giving water to this community.

Go a step further, label with RaHa logo the product or service in your said ads. It would be an added advantage for you to add on the product the sentence, [Your Business name] Brought RaHa Clean Water Close to [community]



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