Nominate for RaHa Solutions


RaHa is unique: Every step is a 2-way street.

Whenever you (an individual) nominate for RaHa Solutions, you free funds otherwise spent on field officers. The freed funds is applied in building an awesome RaHa Clean Close Water system in the home (where you stay) to reduce the costs for urban drainage.


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In other words, you give us opportunity to bring RaHa Clean Close Water in the home where you stay. You also give us opportunity to reduce contamination of rainwater (by bringing toilet to your nominee) or opportunity to bring RaHa Clean Close Water to your nominee.

There is no restrictions regarding locations of nominators and nominees. You could be in USA, nominating any village in Kenya, India…anywhere.

You nominate for RaHa Sanitation a village or school where the human right for access to improved sanitation facilities cannot be guaranteed. Alternatively, you nominate for RaHa Clean Close Water a:

  • group that would increase in number if they got larger water collection system for use in car-washing, irrigation (and the like).
  • settlement currently in danger of a wildly spreading fire because it is not easily accessible by fire fighting engines.
  • school (or the like) that currently uses treated water in flushing toilets (and the like)
  • water starved village or school

This (nominating) lets your nominee know that you care about them and gives them hope for better water and or sanitation systems. You also want to post, tweet, or share the nomination with your friends and everyone you know. Think of the respect you gain as your friends and neighbors see how you are helping this community or school.

Reach Out to Your Favorite Advertiser

In the process of nominating, you invite to this community your favorite advertiser –– one who draws your attention to their products, services, candidacy or events in public offline news medium.

The advertiser will mark with their logo/name your nominee’s built RaHa system –– in photo below, assume that the advertiser is called ‘THE CHISHOLM TRAIL HERITAGE MUSEUM’.




If you nominate for sanitation, the logo/name will be on toilets.




Although the marking is for free, it helps a lot. To account for funds, RaHa publishes news articles about the beneficiaries –– this reduces costs of auditing, donors don’t have to travel to the beneficiaries to check what RaHa has done, instead they read the articles and wait to hear your reaction to the article –– is the news true, is the quality as per RaHa’s promise, was it really free of charge….

Main part of the publicity are photos of different built systems. Since logo/name of your favorite advertiser is not same as that of another advertiser, photo of your nominee’s system is not same as photo of a system marked by another advertiser. This difference makes the publicity a lot less monotonous.

In return for this huge help, your favorite advertiser gets a photo of your nominee’s system (for decorating their reception or board room). The photo tells that the advertiser is main part of the exclusive rainwater harvesting (RaHa) community. The photo will also tell that the advertiser is part of community that improves sanitation conditions in villages and schools.



sani collectible


The news articles about your nominee is published in the same publication as your advertiser’s advertisements — and actually points people to the advertising! Each of the articles or press releases emphasises the good work your advertiser are doing by helping your nominee get the much-needed water or toilet.

Cooperation of the news article and the advertising produces a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. The cooperation spreads information about RaHa, encouraging more nominations while freeing funds that RaHa would otherwise spend on field officers and publicity. The freed money is equal to cost of major parts of your nominee’s system, so your favorite advertiser donates substantially –– in some countries, a tax write-off –– without spending anything extra.

The advertiser may mention their support in small parts of their ads –– these are the same ads that they plan to publish in any 7 days (again, assuming that your advertiser is called CHISHOLM and your nominee is called KUKU, the advertiser may mention that ‘Chisholm Supports Kuku’) – this is a right that your advertiser may refrain from applying or enforcing.

Chisholm becomes the only collector of the photo if they top-up their inkind donation with ANY amount of cash donation (from their CSR Department, from their cause-marketing exercise…), –– see additional Advertisers’ Benefits.


Advertisers Don’t Have to Top-up their In-kind Donations

Chisholm does not have to top-up their in-kind donation. Due to Chisholm’s in-kind donation, it is a lot easier for others to COLLECT RAHA SOLUTIONS.

See when collection process regarding your nominee closes.


So, if you live anywhere in the world and you know of a…
  • school or village in Kenya (or other places in the world) that enjoys good rainfall yet suffers from lack of clean, close water;
  • place where women and children must walk long distances to get water… and even then, it might make them sick to drink it;
  • group that would increase in number if they got larger water collection systems for use in car-washing, irrigation (and the like);
  • settlement currently in danger of a wildly spreading fire because it is not easily accessible by fire fighting engines;
  • school (or the like) that currently uses treated water in flushing toilets (and the like);
  • location where the human right for access to improved sanitation facilities should be improved.
…then, RaHa Solutions is the no-cost way to support a great cause!


RECALL: The advertiser to mark your nominee’s system should be one of your choice – an unpopular mark may make some villagers abuse or damage the system.

  1. Please start your nomination process by sharing about this exclusive community with your favorite advertisers, the nearer the advertiser is to the nominee the better.
    • Tweet this link –– ––– to you favorite advertisers. In other words, go to the advertiser’s Twitter page, click on ‘Tweet to’, paste the link and Tweet.
    • Post this link –– –– on Facebook timeline of your favorite advertiser. Send the link via private message if there is no provision for posting on timeline. In other words, copy the link, go to Facebook page of your favorite advertiser, paste the link as a post and post (alternatively click ‘message’ on the advertiser’s Facebook page, paste link and enter.
    • Click to share with advertisers via LinkedIn share.
  2. Please complete your nomination process by printing, filling in and sending to RaHa this agreement regarding site for RaHa

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